Our Salon is built on the principles of quality products and providing reliable services. We strive to be professional and cater to all of our clients individual hair care needs. We listen to what our customers expect from us. This allows us to give each client what they desire from their salon visit. We care about our clients because you are our business! Continuing educational classes and hair shows help us better ourselves; we learn the latest trends, cuts, colors, and techniques in order to give our special guests a unique experience on their salon visits. We are professional, we listen, and we want you to feel as good as you look. Here at A Touch of Eden beauty is a vision of you!


Our salon has the following professionals:


                  * ( Mrs. Carla) Kennerly, who has been a seasoned stylist for 33 yrs, 

                    specializes in perms, relaxers, fingerwaves, wave nouveaus and cuts.



                 *   Ms. Nina Byrd has been a seasoned stylist for 28 years. She specializes in 

                       short hair, relaxers, cuts, locs, quick weaves and color.



                  * Eric Sharp has been in the business as an educator and stylist for 28+ years

                     He specializes in sew ins(frontals), color, wig installs, relaxers, and cuts.



                 * Ms. Detra Simpson (Ms. Dee) has been in the industry for 30 yrs with 

                    continuing edcation in Trichology (study of hair and scalp). She specializes

                     in hair loss and growth. She also does crochets, relaxers, cuts, color, sew ins,

                     and micolinks.


                                                    We all do natural hair and silk outs!!!!!


                  *    Some pictures of our work are posted on the website. We continue to                                  grow and advance in our  professionalism. We take pride in our work and                                often ask our clients to model for us.



















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